• How long has A-One Medical Services been in business?
  • Who is A-One Medical Services, Inc.?
  • What Are the Benefits of Home Health Care?
  • What is the difference between Home Health Care and Home Care?
  • How does A-One select its Skilled Nurses (RN’s and LPN’s) and Home Health Aides/Certified Nursing Assistants?
  • Are our caregivers insured?
  • How is a person’s own personal MD involved in home care?
  • Will I always receive care from the same caregiver?
  • What services do RN’s/LPN’s provide?
  • How are the services paid?
  • Who is eligible for home health care or home care?

A-One Medical Services, Inc. was established in July 1984 by RN Lorraine Black. Lorraine was a hospital ICU nurse who saw a need for patients to be able to go home and receive care rather than be taken to an institution or remain hospitalized indefinitely.

A-One Medical Services, Inc. is a provider of home-based health care services to medically-fragile children and adults. We are privately nurse-owned and managed, which gives our clients more control over the care they receive from our staff.

The primary benefit of home health is that care can be delivered directly in the patient's residence. There really is no place like home! Home Health Care is less costly than hospitals or institutions and a more flexible approach to providing skilled nursing services at home.

The major difference between Home Health Care versus Home Care is the type of care given. Home Health Care provides "clinical" or "skilled" care by licensed nurses (RN’s and LPN’s). Management of medical care, such as ventilators, medication dispensing, respiratory treatments, wound care. (See FAQ #10 below)

Home care provides "non-clinical" or "non-skilled" care by professional Home Health Aides/Certified Nursing Assistants. Care such as helping with bathing, dressing, companionship, accompanying to appointments.

All potential employees will have an in-person interview with the Director and/ or Nursing Supervisor, complete a skills inventory and competency test, have a clean driving record for a minimum of two years, complete a Criminal Background check conducted by the Washington State Patrol, have valid and current credentials and have former employment references.

Yes, all A-One employees are covered under the company’s Professional Liability policy.

All Plans of Care are developed specifically for each client and will require the signature of the MD for approval. Any changes, such as new prescriptions, new treatments, new technology all require an MD’s order.

Although it is not always possible, A-One believes consistency in-home health care is paramount. Clients and caregivers often form bonds of companionship and trust. For skilled nursing services, consistency is important to provide the highest level of care to a client. Our goal is to provide clients with the same team of caregivers on a regular basis.

Management and administration of medications; ventilator care and management; tracheostomy care, suctioning and management; nutrition administration via specialized feeding tubes or orally; management of wound care; documentation of care and treatments; among other skilled nursing tasks.

Nursing tasks may include but are not limited to on-going clinical assessment, initial assessment of newly admitted clients, care planning, documentation of care provided, care management, teaching.

A variety of options to pay for care at home is available. A-One Medical Services accepts direct pay, Medicaid (which is funded by a joint federal-state program), commercial insurance carriers (if home health care is a covered benefit) or a managed care company. A-One Medical Services does not accept Medicare payment.

To be eligible for services, patients must be under a doctor’s care who orders home health services. This is the first step. Then, an application is submitted to a person’s insurance company (either Medicaid or private insurance) to find out eligibility for authorized hours of care.