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Home Nurse Providers Snohomish County

We provide in-home, private duty nursing, and other essential home health care services to medically fragile children and adults. Our focus is primarily Pediatrics, which is the background of most of our nurses.

We also provide home health aide services to adults and the elderly who need help with activities of daily living, transportation to appointments, companionship, light housekeeping and meal preparation.

We are not franchised, so it is a very personalized operation. We try to always have a real person answering the phone and/or an immediate response to your call.

We have a dedicated office staff, where the day-to-day business is conducted, but our nurses and home health aides actually work directly in the homes of our clients.

Our office hours are 9 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday, but we have an after-hours and weekend on-call person, as well as a Nursing Supervisor, to answer any questions that might arise for any of the nurses or clients we serve.

A-One Medical Services has served Washington State since 1984. Our Director, Lorraine Black, has been involved in defining and advocating laws that govern home health care in Washington State since the inception of A-One Medical Services. In 1984, home health care was a new concept with an unknown roadmap. Home health care didn’t always fall neatly into categories that cover institutions and hospitals. It was a unique business that required its own set of unique laws.

The company is nurse-owned and nurse-operated. Our director founded the company after realizing there was a real need for people to be taken care of in their own homes. Prior to home health care becoming a reality, people would remain hospitalized or, eventually, institutionalized for years, if not for their lifetimes. Our director was a pioneer in the home health care industry and felt people just did better in their own surroundings and with their own families. Since these clients are medically complicated, the need for highly-trained nursing was a must. Combined with the skills of high-tech nurses and medically intensive clients, being able to come home became a reality for these people. Like the comment Dorothy makes in the Wizard of Oz, “There's no place like home!”

Our company has seen a number of changes through the years. What began as a home health care company primarily for medically intensive adults and which took care of Medicare clients as well, is now mostly Pediatric and is no longer involved in Medicare. As health care has changed through the years, so has our business. New laws, new bureaucracies, new technologies have all impacted how we deliver the highest level of home-based health care.

Our usual geographic area of operation is Western Washington, primarily Snohomish, King, Whatcom and Skagit Counties, as well as areas of Pierce and Chelan Counties. However, we have served the entire state of Washington in the past. It is all based on nurse availability and where a client might live.

Our client referrals are based on their time of need. Most of our referrals come through the local Children’s Hospital in Seattle, but we get phone calls from families as well. Sometimes a family is looking for a new home health care agency and will call us. We also get a fair number of phone calls from family members looking for home health aide services for their elderly parent or spouse.

The A-One Medical Services, Inc. Difference

One aspect that makes us second to none is the dedication of our staff. Our nurses are responsible for very fragile people. Working directly with clients in their own home setting provides a truly unique opportunity to personalize the care given. Our staff often become members of the family. There really is nothing like home health care to know every aspect of a client and family's needs. The hard work, commitment and level of expertise shown by our nurses and home health aides is exceptional.

A customer might choose us over a natural competitor because we give that personal touch, we are locally-based, and our customers can rely on dealing with the same familiar office staff instead of being bounced around and having to deal with a new person each time a call is made.

One of our most significant achievements has been consistency and longevity. These qualities have made our company successful throughout the years, and we look forward to continuing providing healthcare to those in need. A-One Medical Services, Inc. has received various awards for excellence through the years, as well as achieving a clean survey from Washington state for over 15 years.

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